How many days can I receive my orders ?

Usually in 3-5 days after shipped.

My order (or part of my order) was received damaged, can I return it ?

Don’t worry! YES, we will be able to get you the replacement parts/cabinets that are needed, please contact us within 3 days of delivery.  We will need pictures and item list of any damaged products.  If you decide to return your entire order it would be treated as a regular return and you would be responsible for the return shipping and a 30% restocking fee. The initial shipping charge would not be able to be refunded. We will also need the delivery paperwork that noted the damage (paperwork the delivery driver had).

Should I assemble cabinets with damages if I’m just waiting for a part?

No, if any cabinets are damaged, please do not assemble these cabinets. The pictures needed by our claims department must be un-assembled cabinets. Due to manufacturer guidelines, replacement parts will not be issued for cabinets that are already assembled because the manufacturer does not know the damage did not occur during assembly. Please leave any damaged cabinets un-assembled until customer service lets you know it is ok to proceed with assembly.

Should I refuse a damaged item on my delivery? 

No, do not refuse any damaged items, just note the damages on the shipping paperwork the driver has, have them sign and make sure you receive a copy. Then, contact us (please make sure it’s within 3 days of your delivery) to take care of the damaged item(s)